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    My dream is to become a teacher. And I have never changed my mind till today.

    Well, when I was still a little girl in a kindergarten, I wished that I could become a teacher. This was mainly because I thought teacher was so powerful that every student had to obey her in-structions. And she could do whatever she wanted. She could drink coffee in the classroom, and go to the office whenever she liked. Whats more, she could decide whether a student would get the little red flower every month, thats a kind of honour to show whether a student is good or not.

    When I entered a primary school, I still have the same dream to become a teacher. For if I were a teacher, I would not have to prepare for any test or any examination, and I would not get smacked by my mother if I didnt do well. At that time, to be a teacher meant you would have a life without any worry.

    Now, Im a middle school student, but I still treasure the dream to be a teacher. As I am growing up, my reasons have be-come more meaningful. Now I think teachers are really the engineers of human soul. They teach us a lot, not only knowledge but also how to be a good man of the society. Every year in our country thousands of teachers send millions of good students to various parts to work for our country, which helps to make our country stronger and stronger.

    My dream is to be a teacher, and Im sure, with my effort, it will come true!

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